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Everything You Need to Know About Rocket League Price Indices

Rocket League is a physics-bending, gravity-defying competitive game that is a cross between soccer and vehicle racing. This game sets itself apart from others in the genre by emphasizing soccer while allowing for creative gameplay. To make Rocket League as entertaining as possible, it is monetized using a “price index” mechanism. This “price index” allows players to change their in-game currency – called “Booster Keys” – into different amounts of money which can be used to purchase items within the game. Have you ever wondered what the “price index” system is? If so, read further to learn more about it.

The Rocket League price index is a unique system because it allows players to make purchases within the game with real cash instead of relying on in-game currency. Users might easily spend hundreds of real dollars on virtual items that don’t exist because real money comes with real responsibilities. The Rocket League price index system is fairly straightforward. Players buy and sell ‘Booster Keys,’ which are found throughout the game in crates that drop after games. These keys, which can be found in bundles of five or ten, are used to activate crates and then may contain items such as stadiums or car bodies. Gamers can sell these products to other players for real money. The price of Booster Keys is determined by the “current price index,” and because they can be traded, their worth fluctuates on a regular basis. The price index takes a lot of factors into account when determining the prices, including the rarity of specific items, supply and demand, and even news surrounding this game.

Typically, the rarer an item is, the more expensive it will cost to buy it. The price index increases in line with how uncommon the item is. In Rocket League, specific items are only available in crates or after completing specific levels. This makes them especially valuable and they can be sold for a high price in a short amount of time. The number of players directly affects the price of the game. The scarcity of specific game items increases with less player activity, driving up the price index. As demand declines, the price index will decrease. Certain items are not wanted by many people and can be sold for less than others.

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